Web Batch Data Entry

Data Entry made easy

Mobility!  Flexibility!  Web!  To become a truly mobile subscription fulfillment system, that system must be web enabled.  Use of a browser to perform all subscriber related functions is mandatory!   This goes far beyond just having “Subscriber Care” pages, where the individual subscriber can view his personal subscription or membership data, or to modify and enter an order or renewal. But a much more powerful solution to a complicated requirement must exist – Web Batch Data Entry.   This is what frees the solution to be defined as a Desktop Fulfillment solution.

web batch data entry

By using a browser, the location of the data entry function can be placed anywhere the publisher chooses -in his office, in the home of trusted employees or contractors or it can be outsourced.  And it can be carried in a laptop on a business trip or to a convention.

Web Batch Data Entry must resolve several problems areas.  It must be secure.  A publisher must be in control of who is accessing his most important asset, his subscriber database.  The web while granting mobile flexibility also extends risk.  This risk must be managed with strict security controls. 

Web Batch Data Entry must also be a powerful real-time structure.  It has to allow for simultaneous operations from multiple workstations.  Each workstation can utilize the browser of the operator’s choice – Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, or Safari.   Data Entry might be simultaneously performed from within the publisher’s office - Payments or New Orders with credit cards or in the home or outsourced - New Credit Orders, Credit Renewals or Change of Address.  Each “batch” is entered into a SQL database from which production statistics or promotion results can be managed.  These Batch statistics are available at the end of any session or period.

Web Batch Data Entry must be able to resolve duplicate situations such as a new order that matches existing records that suggest a possible duplication.  And then provide the operator with the choice of renewing one of those duplicate possibilities or inserting the order as a true new subscriber. 

Other transaction choices must be available in addition to Orders and Payments - Change of Address, Cancels and others.

Web Batch Data Entry rounds out TheBiznuz.com’s Desktop Fulfillment Suite.  This is the only available fulfillment software solution offering in-house capabilities and controls as well as outsourced security.  And all on your desktop!

Now that you have experienced some of the many ways the Desktop Fulfillment Suite can solve you maintenance problems, shouldn’t you start your profitable fulfillment future immediately?

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