Real time query and ad hoc reporting

DTTS has the most powerful set of tools ever brought to a desktop subscription fulfillment system. Now the publisher can use the desktop to inquire and display the intricate detail of an individual subscriber and query the publisher’s entire subscriber database to satisfy so many requests for answers.

DTTS integrates with Desktop Manager to make in-house fulfillment work. DTTS has two main internal modules – Inquiry and Ad Hoc Query. Taken together they jointly operate to display and gather the information. Inquiry is a micro look at an individual subscriber’s information and Ad Hoc Query is a macro look by gathering together all of the data of interest across the entire subscriber database. Use Ad Hoc to provide “what if” counts, forward data to others for mailing purposes or to download an Excel file to use to develop additional statistical reporting.

The file system for TheBizNuz.com (TBN) system is contained in an SQL database. Many tables are used in maintaining the system. Most importantly are these. Masterfile Table – which contains all of the mailing address information of a subscriber, accumulated information such as “total issues to go” from all current and serviceable orders and historical data like the “number of times renewed.” The Order Table – which contains detailed information regarding each order placed by a subscriber or member. Data includes the Order Number, Term, Amount, Amount Paid, how paid, and much more. Very important to know is that the TBN system is a “multi-order” system. It contains order information for each and every order placed within the system. Orders are not accumulated together nor are the order information contained on a “flat” file. The TBN system is truly a relational database. There are additional tables that contain Notes, a complete Audit trail , Demographic data and a very large but important file that contains historical data going back to day one of every event that “tickled” that subscriber – payments, labels, inquiries, adjustments, renewals – everything! And there are still other tables making this the most sophisticated and robust desktop fulfillment system around. And it is at finger tip reach on your desktop!

Using DTTS begins with a logon where you present your security credentials. Then you can choose to run an Inquiry or an Ad Hoc Query. When running an inquiry you have many options to place search criteria into the search. When using Ad Hoc you are doing two things, specifying the fields of interest and the specific criteria for that search, and building an on-line ad hoc report of the data you want to display. Use of logical “and” and “or” are accommodated as are the rest of the usual logical operators. After the query is run, which will display all of the records of interest as well as a count, you get the choice of what to do with that data. An example is to download it immediately to your desktop in Excel for further operations. Any field you specify in the display is included in the Excel download. Any query developed during an Ad-Hoc session can be saved and run later on demand.

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