Desktop Manager

All You Need in One Box presents DESKTOP MANAGER, an internet based, real-time fulfillment system that is as user-friendly as it is sophisticated. DESKTOP MANAGER is the cockpit from which the entire updating process is controlled.

Fullfilment Manager 1

From DESKTOP MANAGER you have the tools to produce all your output requirements - mainfile or supplemental labels, invoices, renewals or requals, and reports – all from your desktop! Step by step, you initiate the processes. Assign promotion codes or source codes to these items. Arrange your splits in priority sequence. Determine the records that are eligible to receive an output by entering specific criteria. Then run a trial to preview counts and when satisfied, forward the outputs directly to your mailing vendor or location.

While running DESKTOP MANAGER, you are expiring records, selecting records eligible for gracing, suspending credit items from additional service and cancelling for non-payment. For b2b items, you are maintaining subscriptions within their qualification periods. As these various steps progress, you monitor the steps through a Process Control panel. There you indicate when a step has concluded to your satisfaction. You are restricted from initiating a succeeding step until you have “checked” off the item in Process Control. For example, you cannot forward labels to a mailer until you have indicated that you have accepted the “label split counts.”

Because you desire your fulfillment system to be “your system”, DESKTOP MANAGER, provides you with the means to customize your Field Names. Your staff may be familiar with terms such as “Issues to go” or “Issues sent” or “cycles remaining” – all for the same data or control field. DESKTOP MANAGER, allows you to use your own names! There is a “Contacts” area where all contact information for your staff, mailers, consultants, etc. is maintained. When it is time to send invoices, the Contact file is used to determine the address and means to forward the output – automatically.

There are so many additional features that are available in this first truly desktop subscription fulfillment system. Of great significance is that we have removed the necessity for you to maintain an IT staff to perform security processes like backup and recovery. No concern about the need to upgrade operating systems (Mac vs. PC) or hardware frequently. We have accomplished this because we host your data and distribute the software. And mobility! Install DESKTOP MANAGER on your laptop and take it with you when you travel. Integration with DTTS and Web Batch Data Entry makes this the perfect inexpensive desktop suite. Contact us.

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