Database Hosting

One Less Thing to Worry About

The Desktop Fulfillment Suite performs with the ease and functionally of an in-house subscription fulfillment system.  And it is almost!.  But, there are some significant differences.  One of those is that the actual data is not housed locally within the publisher’s office but is “hosted” at on our SQL servers.  This accomplishes several crucial things.  It frees the publisher, often with limited IT resources, from the vital security tasks of Backup, Restore and Recovery.  How many horror stories can be recited of disk crashes or other equipment failures that completely destroyed the main assets of the publisher – his subscriber file and associated statistical files and data?  Even without total loss of the files, the publisher’s schedules might be very adversely affected.  Hosting at our site completely frees the client from these worries and considerations.  We backup the data at several points during a production cycle.  The SQL files are replicated on redundant servers.  When data must be recovered, our staff of IT professionals will perform this task for you on a very quick schedule. Hosting, therefore, will minimize your costs of owning and maintaining performance software and equipment by removing or reducing the need to upgrade your hardware and software frequently because of technology advances.  And, you will have successfully outsourced the most challenging IT functions.  Hosting brings crucial control back to you.