Data Entry

Let Our Fingers Do the Typing

The Desktop Fulfillment Suite is planned to be employed by all publishers, membership managers and list managers who wish to maintain as much control within their own offices as feasible. This includes mail opening, cashiering, depositing and batching of front end transactions. Because of the significant ease in performing the data entry keying operations through combinations of Web Batch Data Entry and DTTS, many clients will prefer to perform the actual keying functions in their own offices. This is particularly appropriate when transaction volumes are low. However under some circumstances where volumes are not small or where staffing levels are insufficient or temporarily insufficient, you might want to consider for performing these keying functions. Properly identified and batched data can be forwarded to our facility and the keying function will be performed by our staff of quality keyers. Please contact our office to discuss this option if you believe it is the right option for you.