presents the Desktop Fulfillment Suite - Internet based,
in-house with mobility!

Bring home our unique desktop fulfillment components to create your own customized in-house fulfillment solutions. Designed for the PC but runs equally well on a MAC.

The three most important words for successful fulfillment are: “control”, “control”, and “control.”

Our desktop fulfillment solutions encompass all of the major categories of name and address management: subscription, membership, and association. Our solution works equally well for controlled b2b titles as well as for paid consumer titles – or a bit of both!

“Control” starts with having all of the decision making responsibility remain with your staff. If it is time to run labels – then run them. If is time to select invoices, then select them and forward them to your mailing house. Same for renewals. Need to delay the processing to produce an output until more data is entered? – then delay it! Point is, you control the schedules. You do not have to consider the schedules or resources at some other facility like a fulfillment house. You are in charge of your own fulfillment system running in your office.

“Control” continues with maintaining the work flow around your needs. Go to the post office and open your mail, extract the payments and hurry to the bank, if needed. Don’t wait for someone else to pick up your mail on a weekly or twice weekly schedule. Process it when you want to.

“Control” continues with the capability to customize your own system. You have the ability to rename the data base fields to aliases that are familiar to your staff. This reduces errors of misunderstanding on how data operates and greatly reduces training time. Yes, there is some need to develop “new think”, but a lot of the “old think” is just fine. Keep your old source and demographic structures. Change at will the addresses of your vendors so that output is forwarded to your proper designee.

And best of all, you do not lose “control” by having to stay with old and outdated systems (people, programmers and equipment). Because we furnish the software and host your data, we have replaced the need to have you worry about security issues like backups and restores as well as equipment scale and modernization.

And data entry runs from all of the popular browsers. This allows you to “control” staffing considerations by providing the capability to process from anywhere, at any time.

So, don’t you think it is time to contact us to begin a mutually beneficial partnership? We do!

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